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Before Our Journey Begins

We are so grateful you have decided to join us on our first trip to Haiti as an organization. The purpose of our trip that will take place September 18th-28th will be to become familiar with the environmental, economical and health conditions of three communities in Haiti: Sonyen, Souchato and Grandmatin. We are aware that we come from a place of privilege and so we want to immerse ourselves in the environment of the people we aim to serve. We will not be able to truly understand and serve these communities in Haiti, if we do not remove our glasses of privilege and replace them with lenses of humility.

We asked Julio, our Haiti Liaison, to provide a brief description of the communities in Haiti:

Sonyen is a community located in Montrouis in the department of Artibonite, South of Saint-Marc. This community has a population of about 717 inhabitants where most of them are living in very bad conditions such as falling sick very often due to health issues caused by lack of drinking water, nutritional problems, etc. Also, considering educational opportunity, the area does not have a school where the kids can go and learn. To do so, they need to go downhill by walking some kilometers because of the absence of infrastructures. In this community, the people have expressed that they are concerned with their health and educational opportunities for their children. They are hoping for the accomplishment of a health care center, a school, and a drinking water system in order to improve the quality of their lives. They are hoping for Dare Humanity’s entire participation in the achievement of these needs.

Souchato and Grandmatin are two communities located in Montrouis, and they both have respectively a population of 717 and 800 people. Most of the people are hardly trying to live due to the very bad situations to which they are exposed to such as polluted air, non-potable water, and feeding problems. Moreover, the children in the area have trouble going to school because their parents are financially poor. In view of their deplorable conditions, they are hoping for the accomplishment of ventilated improved pit latrines to reduce the polluted air, a drinking water system, a new way to help them increase their income, training on sex education for their kids, and finally, a sponsorship program to facilitate the education of their kids. In fact, they are hoping that Dare Humanity will provide its assistance in order to enhance their lifestyle.

Hearing the concerns of the communities in Haiti makes us even more eager to assist these communities in their efforts of development. We hope that we will be able to form partnerships with corporations, foundations, nonprofits and individuals, like you, who are just as inspired and influenced by being of service to others as we are. We know we cannot do it alone, and we do not want to. We aim to form a community within our organization that is composed of generous, passionate, and humble people and organizations that can assist in the process of partnering with these communities. We thank you in advance for your support and we look forward to sharing our journey (that of the organization and most importantly, that of the community members in Haiti) with you.

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