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Dare Humanity is very important to my child…

In our April update email, Dare Humanity covered the history of a dangerous massacre that broke out between Deluge and another area. Our partner and School Administrator, Marie, shared that two of our students, Rose Stretchy and Rose Pascale, were victims of a gang attack which destroyed their homes by fire and fled to the mountains. This month, we are happy to inform you that both girls are safe! We received an encouraging message from Nadège Luc (Rose Stretchy’s mother) and are thrilled to share her words! 

“Dare Humanity is very important for my child. Many thanks to Dare Humanity that my child can attend with peace of mind. This support means a lot to my family, it prevents people from knowing about our business (note: It is common for parents to not be able to afford tuition in the area, and do not want others to know they cannot afford it out of shame.) My hope is to look after my daughter and make sure she keeps doing well at school so that we can still benefit from the sponsorship. I’m an unfortunate woman who didn’t make it far in school, who happened to have a baby with a man who left me as a single mother. I can’t afford our basic needs and dream for my daughter to do better than me in life. I'm the orphan of my mother, my father is a poor man who does some masonry jobs sometimes. It’s him who supports me with the kid so I would like to have a small business so that I can support my child and eventually learn a profession too. My passion is working but I can’t find a job. I like to do chores and other work activities at the house and lie down when I have nothing else to do.”

-Nadège Luc

Although we are happy to hear of our student’s safe return, it is important we remain educated on the imminent danger Haitians face regularly- dangers of gang violence, their health and education. As we read from Nadège, many parents want to work, but do not have the opportunity to do so. This is why we are so passionate about our Young Dreams Sponsorship Program. Not every child has the privilege of a safe and efficient education. Through our program, children and families gain a sense of hope and ambition for their futures. 

We will continue to operate our programs to support our students, their parents, and the people of Haiti. We encourage you to stay connected through our monthly blogs and email updates to stay updated on our mission and impact.  We ask that you keep our administrators, students, and volunteers in your thoughts and prayers as they work tirelessly in Haiti, and aid our mission through your supportive words and donations. 

Interesting Facts about Haiti:

  1. Did you know that Haiti is the most mountainous country in the Caribbean? It holds mountain ranges with peaks over 8,000 feet tall! 

  2. Haiti’s official languages are Creole and French! 

  3. Haiti’s currency is named after a plant! Gourds are a prevalent food source for the people of Haiti. So much so, that gourds were their currency in 1807! which makes the name of their currency, Gourde, a clever and perfect choice. 

About the Author: 

Dominique Cannon has recently graduated from Oklahoma State University, in Stillwater Oklahoma with a Bachelor's and Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management. She has remained on campus as an administrative-assistant for the last three years and is very excited to join Dare Humanity as an organizational development intern. She hopes to use her writing and administrative skills to support Dare Humanity's mission, and looks forward to growing her skills in marketing and grant research. In her free time, she enjoys reading, singing, and serving as a youth pastor at her church! 

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