SUPPORTING our communities 

Haiti is one of the most impoverished countries in the Western Hemisphere and 53.9% of the population live below the poverty line. The principal foods in Haiti include beans, rice, sweet potatoes, bananas and plantains, corn, cassava, and taro. However, many of Haiti’s urban population have difficulty obtaining food due to dry seasons and little to no income. 


Our communities are located in the rural part of the country in which housing consists of two-room dwellings that have mud walls and floors and roofs that are assembled with local grasses or palm leaves. They may also be constructed with plastic and other materials and roofed with pieces of metal. In most dwellings, the kitchen is located outside the living quarters, and there is no electricity or plumbing system for access to clean water.


Dare Humanity has partnered with our communities to be able to provide resources for access to basic needs and to empower them to take part in their development in areas such as agriculture, technology, education and health. Due to limited resources and limited opportunities for employment and income, our community members often are not able to purchase necessities and support their families. 


You can support the development of our communities and provide basic needs today. As we continue to expand, we are depending on partnerships to help us increase access to resources essential to the lives of our communities.  


Partnering with Dare Humanity is partnering with our communities.

All in-kind donations can be sent to PO Box 10083, Oakland, CA 94610.