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Water sanification infrastructure is one of Haiti’s main challenges. Less than 60% of the country’s population has access to potable water.*


As part of our commitment to Sonyen, we are looking forward to implementing a clean water initiative with the members of the community by the end of 2021. 


We initially explored the possibility of building water tanks, but due to  Sonyen’s isolated location, this option was discarded as it would be challenging to install and refill the tanks on a regular basis. Other solutions like water filters were not considered sustainable either in this specific situation.


After further research we identified a drinking water pump, as the most cost-effective and viable solution that would involve the community in both the installation process, and its maintenance. 


With your kind donation we aim to raise $10,000 USD to buy two water pumps, giving the families in Sonyen access to clean water on a regular basis.


Donate today to increase the access to potable water in Haiti!

*Source: World Bank

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