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Sonyen Community
North Central Haiti

Dare Humanity currently supports the Sonyen community in the Artibonite Department in north-central Haiti. This region, also known as “Haiti’s breadbasket” is the main rice-growing area in the country. 


Sonyen has more than 700 community members who live under poor conditions due to the lack of access to healthy water supplies and nutrition services. Due to its isolated location and lack of proper infrastructure, children have to walk approximately 40km to attend school.


Concerned with the health and educational opportunities for the younger generations, the community leader of Sonyen, Luckelange Saint-Jean, expressed the top priorities for improving the community's life quality : 


  • Access to safe drinking water 

  • The establishment of a health care center 

  • The building of a safer main pathway linking Sonyen with Route Nationale 1, the main road surrounded by schools.

  • School sponsorship and transportation for children to receive an education


For the past years we have been supporting the Sonyen community for achieving these objectives through the Young Dreams Sponsorship Program, the Helping Hands food assistance program, and the Clean Water Initiative. But there is still a lot of work to be done.


We dare you to join us! Donate to support families and youth in Haiti, and become an active agent of Sonyen’s development and transformation.

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