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Haiti is the poorest country in The Americas. Almost two thirds of its 11.26 million inhabitants live with less than $2 USD per day.*


For many decades, Haiti has been submerged in political and social instability and natural disasters: earthquakes, floods and hurricanes. Rising temperatures due to climate change and lower rainfall, have negatively impacted agricultural production, the main source of economic development for the country. The welfare gap between the urban and rural populations make the latter vulnerable, as they have limited access to safe water and sanitation. 


Dare Humanity currently focuses its efforts in Sonyen, an isolated rural Haitian community made  of humble mud-wall houses built with scrap materials. In most dwellings, the kitchen is located outside the living quarters, and there is no electricity or plumbing system for access to clean water. Due to limited resources and opportunities for employment and income, its inhabitants are often unable to purchase necessities and support their families.


We have partnered with the Sonyen community, to be able to provide resources for access to basic needs like clean water, and to empower them to take part in their development in relevant areas such as agriculture, technology, education and health.


You can help us today by supporting the relief and development of the Sonyen community. Together we can make a difference to reduce social inequality in Haiti, one community at a time. 


Partnering with Dare Humanity is partnering with our communities.


*Sources: World Bank / Human Rights Watch

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