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Men Kontre
Helping Hands program

Food insecurity and hunger are both major threats in Haiti, affecting more than 40% of its population*. Scarcity due to poor agricultural production, and high prices of food imports are the causes of a food crisis across the country.


At Dare Humanity, we are tackling food insecurity with our Men Kontre (Helping Hands) Program, providing food supplies to the families in the Port au Prince community twice a month. Food items include dry grains, rice, pasta and fresh vegetables. The  aid we provide to each of these families is supplemental to what they can provide for food products.


We need your assistance to continue nourishing the most vulnerable populations in Haiti, during these uncertain times of social and political turmoil. $75 USD covers the cost of food for one person for about 1 month. Our aim is to support at least 1000 families by 2026.


Make a donation today to support Helping Hands (Men Kontre) and our battle against food insecurity in Haiti.

*Source - United Nations World Food Program

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