Partnering with Dare Humanity whether through in-kind donations, collaboration, volunteering or donating, is investing in the communities in Haiti as well as communities in California. We strongly believe in the power of communities that build each other and leaders that collaborate to inspire change. Your donation, whether big or small, will create opportunities for communities through programs, events and community development.


We invite you to join the Humanity Fam.


Humanity Fam is a monthly giving program that not only allows you to support our communities for 2020, but it also offers you the opportunity to be a part of Dare Humanity’s journey of expansion for years to come.


When you are part of the Humanity Fam, you will receive photos and updates from our communities and youth you have impacted, and exclusive stories from the field.


Since this month is the launch of our monthly giving program, you will be considered a founding member of the Humanity Fam, which means your name will be displayed on our website.


Furthermore, as a founding corporate monthly giver, you will have the opportunity to have your logo displayed on our website and join thousands of other businesses that contribute to societal goals through corporate social responsibility (CSR).


We believe that together, we can increase access to education throughout Haiti and create opportunities for self-sufficiency for the communities we serve.

In-Kind Donations:


  • We are always accepting in-kind donations for the communities we serve.

  • Since we are now serving three communities in Haiti, we have been able to form a partnership between each community and our organization. We would like to be able to bring and send toiletries to Haiti. Requested items include the following:

  • Soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes, sanitary napkins, shampoo, diapers, school supplies including books (French and English), clothes for adults and children (new), new underwear for children and adults, etc.

  • As a conscious organization, we request that the quality and content of all donations be considered before donated. We advocate for safe, natural products that are deserving of those in need.

  • In-kind donations can be sent to the following address: PO Box 10083, Oakland, CA 94610