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Haiti is the poorest country in The Americas. Almost two thirds of its 11.26 million inhabitants live with less than $2 USD per day.*


For many decades, Haiti has been submerged in political and social instability and natural disasters: earthquakes, floods and hurricanes. Rising temperatures due to climate change and lower rainfall, have negatively impacted agricultural production, the main source of economic development for the country. The welfare gap between the urban and rural populations make the latter vulnerable, as they have limited access to safe water and sanitation. 


Dare Humanity currently focuses its efforts in Sonyen, an isolated rural Haitian community made  of humble mud-wall houses built with scrap materials. In most dwellings, the kitchen is located outside the living quarters, and there is no electricity or plumbing system for access to clean water. Due to limited resources and opportunities for employment and income, its inhabitants are often unable to purchase necessities and support their families.


We have partnered with the Sonyen community, to be able to provide resources for access to basic needs like clean water, and to empower them to take part in their development in relevant areas such as agriculture, technology, education and health.


You can help us today by supporting the relief and development of the Sonyen community. Together we can make a difference to reduce social inequality in Haiti, one community at a time. 


Partnering with Dare Humanity is partnering with our communities.


*Sources: World Bank / Human Rights Watch

Young dreams sponsorship program 

The literacy rate of Haitians over the age of 15 (about 62%), is the lowest percentage in the American continent. Most schools in Haiti are private and require tuition fees. For this reason, more than 200,000 children across the country remain out of school*, as families are not able to afford school for their children due to their low incomes. Many children also drop out of school and start working at a very young age to support their families. For this reason there is often a disparity between the students' ages and their grade level.


Dare Humanity believes education should be accessible to every child, no matter their circumstances, environment, ethnicity or economic status. More than 30% of the Haitian population is younger than 15 years old.* The opportunity of giving access to quality education to this new generation, could have a tremendous impact for the future development of Haiti.


With approximately 140 families in the community we support, we have established our Young Dreams Sponsorship Program to pay school tuition for youth in Haiti. This sponsorship pledge also benefits the children’s families and allows them to gain knowledge and skills to strengthen their communities.


Tuition per year varies between $50 to $170 and covers their school fees for the academic year.


We invite you to donate to sponsor the education of the future leaders of change in Haiti. 

*Sources: Unesco / World Bank

Meet our youth

Men Kontre
Helping Hands program

Food insecurity and hunger are both major threats in Haiti, affecting more than 40% of its population*. Scarcity due to poor agricultural production, and high prices of food imports are the causes of a food crisis across the country.


At Dare Humanity, we are tackling food insecurity with our Men Kontre (Helping Hands) Program, providing food supplies to the families in the Port au Prince community twice a month. Food items include dry grains, rice, pasta and fresh vegetables. The  aid we provide to each of these families is supplemental to what they can provide for food products.


We need your assistance to continue nourishing the most vulnerable populations in Haiti, during these uncertain times of social and political turmoil. $75 USD covers the cost of food for one person for about 1 month. Our aim is to support at least 1000 families in 2021.


Make a donation today to support Helping Hands (Men Kontre) and our battle against food insecurity in Haiti.

*Source - United Nations World Food Program


Water sanification infrastructure is one of Haiti’s main challenges. Less than 60% of the country’s population has access to potable water.*


As part of our commitment to Sonyen, we are looking forward to implementing a clean water initiative with the members of the community by the end of 2021. 


We initially explored the possibility of building water tanks, but due to  Sonyen’s isolated location, this option was discarded as it would be challenging to install and refill the tanks on a regular basis. Other solutions like water filters were not considered sustainable either in this specific situation.


After further research we identified a drinking water pump, as the most cost-effective and viable solution that would involve the community in both the installation process, and its maintenance. 


With your kind donation we aim to raise $10,000 USD to buy two water pumps, giving the families in Sonyen access to clean water on a regular basis.


Donate today to increase the access to potable water in Haiti!

*Source: World Bank

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