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Dare Humanity - 5 Years of Service!

Dare Humanity was founded in 2015 with the hope to provide international aid, community-driven development, and health education.

Our initial work included community events to empower children and adults in Southern California. With these small community events, we were able to create awareness about Dare Humanity.

With our initial approach in mind, we made plans to expand our work. In 2015, our founder, Kia A. Harris Tattegrain, was sponsored to travel to Haiti for a medical mission trip to provide health and medical services to communities in Montrouis, Haiti. Her experience in Haiti, sparked something in her, although she did not know she would be returning to Haiti to begin work in the future.

In August of 2018, she completed her Master of Nonprofit Administration which allowed her to enhance the work of Dare Humanity and in September 2018, she returned to Haiti to begin the work of Dare Humanity.

Dare Humanity works with two communities in Haiti, Sonyen and Deluge, with a total population of approximately 3,200 community members. Our communities are located in Montrouis, Haiti, approximately 43 miles from Aéroport International Toussaint Louverture located in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

The community members of Sonyen and Deluge live in poor conditions with limited employment opportunities and resources, many fall ill due to health issues caused by the environment, unhealthy water and the lack of nutritious foods. Since February of 2019, the political climate began to decline in Haiti and has led to shortages in fuel and food, violence and inflation throughout the country and our communities continue to be affected.

Dare Humanity has established the Young Dreams Sponsorship Program which aims to provide educational opportunity to children in need with the funds necessary to receive quality education. A sponsorship pledge benefits more than just the children in our communities; it benefits the child's family and allows them to strengthen their schools, community and future. With our initial 7 students, we are able to increase access to education in Haiti.

As expressed at the beginning of this year, we have three main goals for 2020:

- We will be expanding the Young Dreams Sponsorship Program to support at least 20 more students!

- We will be continuing our efforts to provide clean drinking water in Haiti by installing at least one well.

- We will be creating new programs to better serve underserved communities.

Here’s how you can help:

- Donate to our fundraising page and help us expand our efforts this year

- Join us for our celebration event on Saturday, March 14th in San Rafael! Register here.

- Spread the word about Dare Humanity and our Young Dreams Sponsorship Program by following our Facebook page and sharing our posts.

- Join our Board of Directors or Advisory Board - We are looking for creative, diverse, and skilled individuals who have a heart to serve. Areas we need assistance in include nonprofit finance, fundraising, marketing, strategy and international development. Send your resume to

Thank you for your continued support of the work that we do and thank you for partnering with our communities in Haiti.

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