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Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry Resigns

In March, Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry resigned and a transitional council is in the process of being put into place. Haitians have hoped their prime minister would resign as they have not felt he is capable of being a good leader for the country.

The transitional council will be made up of seven voting members and two observers, and includes representatives from several coalitions, the private sector and civil society, and one religious leader.

The US expects the council to be appointed imminently. The council will then assign an interim prime minister.

Hopefully, this council will provide a way for the first elections in Haiti since 2016.

According to BBC news, over 360,000 people have been displaced since gangs took over. As stated by the UN, half of these individuals are children. The violence in Haiti has led to food cost percentages rising by double digits over and over again. Now is a crucial time to continue sponsoring students in school and families with crucial food and nutrition.

If a transitional council can succeed in taking back Haiti from gang control and making the streets safe again, this will encourage students to attend school without fear of harm.

While it is unfortunate that it has taken such extreme levels of chaos and unrest for the prime minister to resign, perhaps the silver lining for Haiti is a brighter, new beginning. Let’s continue moving Haiti forward towards a safe and secure future!

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