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I founded this school because...

When I was working my part-time job in high school, my manager always encouraged us to SANFAN, which stood for "See A Need, Fill A Need." If there was a customer who needed help, or a table that need to be wiped down, having a SANFAN mindset led us to promote a welcoming and safe environment for everyone who entered our doors.

I was reminded of this when reading our partnering school administrator, Marie's story. She has been a joy to partner with in securing a safe and quality education for the children of Haiti and we are thrilled to highlight her efforts this month.


"I founded this school because I always noticed there's a big difference between the schools in Port-au-Prince (the capital) and the ones in the countryside. The schools in Port-au-Prince are usually better. So I said to myself whenever God will bless me with the possibility to build a school, I will establish it in the countryside to prove that schools in the countryside can be well structured and competent too." - Marie

Over 200,000 children are out of school due to the high costs of tuition, which is why we are so grateful for Marie's heart for the countryside. She didn't let doubt or difficulties deter her want of making a difference, and you can see her impact in the report cards below! In Haiti, students are graded on a 1-10 scale, so we are thrilled to see that in the midst of extreme unrest, Marie's students have continued to excel in their studies!

Rose P.

Angelica D.

Alfred E.

Rose Pascal, who fled from her house burning a few months ago, has graduated and is seeking sponsorship for secondary school. This is why we are so passionate about our Young Dreams Sponsorship Program. Our students have hopes and dreams which can be achieved through a strong education. With your support, our students are able to attend class without concern for funding and focus on their incredible futures.

"What makes us different from the other schools is our conception of the education system. We are not providing education just for the purpose of having a school, or to make money, but to help the students." - Marie

We are so grateful for Marie and ask that you keep our administrators, students, and volunteers in your thoughts and prayers as they work tirelessly in Haiti, and aid our mission through your supportive words and donations.

To stay connected with our progress, please visit our monthly blog and subscribe to our email updates of our mission and impact. Support us here!

About the Author: 

Dominique Cannon has recently graduated from Oklahoma State University, in Stillwater Oklahoma with a Bachelor's and Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management. She has remained on campus as an administrative-assistant for the last three years and is very excited to join Dare Humanity as an organizational development intern. She hopes to use her writing and administrative skills to support Dare Humanity's mission, and looks forward to growing her skills in marketing and grant research. In her free time, she enjoys reading, singing, and serving as a youth pastor at her church! 

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