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Meet Frandler Polynice: Our Haiti Liaison

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

Frandler Polynice

We met Frandler Polynice when we visited our first community in Haiti, Sonyen. We knew he was grateful we were there. Frandler serves as the community English translator. We were happy to learn about Frandler and his endeavors when we were there, and so we asked him for a biography, to introduce himself to you all.


My name is Frandler Polynice and I am 24 years old. I am a communicator, co-owner and teacher at the English Vocational School in Montrouis, Haiti. I live in Montrouis and I was born in the community I now translate for, Sonyen. My interests are in helping kids, teaching the English language and serving as a translator. I teach to share my knowledge with children and youth, and so that they can become honest people.

Sonyen contacts me to support the kid's club,"Richess Haiti", and in September of this year, I was contacted to translate for a community visit by the organization, Dare Humanity. That was when my work with Dare Humanity began.

My dream is to see that this organization achieve its goals and that I can help more people to learn. Ever since my childhood it has been my life's dream.

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