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Our Recent Trip to Haiti Came With a New Experience...

“As An Individual Who Serves, It’s Imperative That We Get Our Rest Beforehand, I Say This because We Don’t Know What’s Ahead.”

November 14, 2020, was the day Dare Humanity was scheduled to make their way up to Sonyen, a community in Montrouis, to meet their newly sponsored students, put some new policies in place, and distribute school supplies. Little did they know, they would face challenges ahead. The team left their location by vehicle at approximately 2:00 pm and arrived at a location where the vehicle could go no further, therefore, they had to travel by foot the rest of the way.

Our Founder, Kia Harris Tattegrain, and our Advisory Board member and Haiti Liaison, Woodelore Tattegrain, met with three children who assisted them in their journey to Sonyen. The kids put some of their duffle bags on their heads full of school supplies as Kia and Woodelore followed them through the steep unpaved roads and muddy hills.

Sponsored students received backpacks with school supplies provided by A Village United

All was fine until it started to rain heavily. It rained so hard that they really couldn’t walk any further. Luckily, Kia and Woodelore were able to find shelter under an abandoned school house. While they were waiting for the rain to lighten up, a few kids that were playing said, “ we came as backup”, came over and kept them company. The kids helped the time pass by. One of the kids even suggested that our team, Kia and Woodelore, should take their shoes off and walk the rest of the way barefoot, but they realized it really wouldn’t help much since they would need the grip from their shoes to withstand the incline and slippery gravel.

Meet Charléne - one of our new sponsored students

Sonyen is far from the main road, so it took our team close to 25-30 minutes to make it up the hill and to the church where they’d start their distribution and meet with the students' parents. The distribution, discussion and photo shoot with the youth lasted approximately 2 hours.

Providing school supplies to youth

When it was time to head back, it was pitch black, because there weren't any street lights. Kia and Woodelore had to continue walking in mud, wet shoes and use a single flashlight this time to direct their path. They often found themselves slipping in the mud as they held onto each other for stability trying to avoid the mud and puddles during a 45 minute walk back. When they finally arrived back at the hotel, their shoes were soaked in mud with a few minor injuries from their journey that day, but ultimately it was for the service of the youth in Sonyen.

Youth from Sonyen

Words From Our Founder

“I can honestly say that it is a great gift being called to serve. I am realizing that serving others does not come as easily. As an individual who serves, it’s imperative that we get our rest beforehand. I say this because we don’t know what's ahead. Take a look at my recent experience for example. I walked into some physical barriers that day, unknowingly. Having to walk in the mud, getting mud all over and into my shoes and having to walk in the dark on the way back. There isn’t only the physical challenges we were faced with, if you are not prepared, serving will take a toll on your mental and spiritual health as well. Be prepared to make adjustments to your schedule. Circumstances will change while serving, so you want to be flexible.” - Kia A. Harris Tattegrain


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