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Partner Appreciation: 4RCDC

Updated: Aug 23, 2018

We believe in honoring our partners, especially in the initial stages of our organization. We have requested in-kind donations for our upcoming trip to Haiti next month and we are so grateful to have received enough in-kind donations for our first trip to Haiti! We have received a large supply of soaps, lotion, toothpaste, combs, school supplies etc. and we would not be able to take so many of these items without our partnership with 4RCDC: Restoration, Reconciliation, Regeneration & Reintegration.

4RCDC’s mission is to enhance the lives of the community and families as a hope liaison bringing resolution, restoration, and resource services to those most vulnerable communities and families in crisis and spiritual need. 4RCDC is a community-based nonprofit organization that was established to meet the need and provide full square meals. 4RCDC provides food, clothing, and toiletries in emergency or disasters throughout the Inland Empire in Southern California, and now, internationally! This family-led organization focuses on helping people develop a spiritual life to find hope and begin to heal. 4RCDC looks forward to continuing their work in Southern California and is looking forward to developing their organization and partnering with additional organizations and entities that will allow them to continue to serve with compassion and love.

For additional information about 4RCDC, visit their Facebook page, and consider ways in which your organization can partner.

If you have any questions for the founders, you can contact Delbert and Wanda Stanley at (951) 286-9945 or via email at

Many blessings to the future work of 4RCDC!

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