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Support Haitian Food Supply!


We are so grateful for your partnership supporting our efforts in Haiti. Our goals would not be realized without you! Unfortunately due to limited resources, we were forced to pause our Men Kontre (Helping Hands) food giveaway program in November.

As you may be aware, Haiti has been experiencing a tremendous amount of political unrest. The situation there has resulted in already hard-to-find items, like food and water, becoming even scarcer. We caught up with our Port au Prince Liaison, Gregor Moreau, and asked him about the impact of pausing our Men Kontre Program. 


“After our president’s death in July 2021, the situation of Haitians became worse in all aspects of life. In terms of security, we are defenseless, gangs are everywhere, they kill, burn and kidnap when they want and the worst, the national police can’t or doesn’t want to do anything. Because of that we are living as prisoners in our own areas, we can’t stay too long in the streets. We are afraid because at any time we can be victims.”


Gregor goes on to say,


“Our social life is 100% impacted by this situation. Economically, even for those of us who are working, it is very complicated, because the inflation rate increases day after day, we can’t afford the same goods we used to buy in the past. It is a big challenge for us. Politically, I can just summarize it by using these words: ‘It is total Crisis’ 

The government has no plan nor projects to help us. Our politicians often just think about their well-being and their family. Unfortunately, our reality is sad. The only thing that works well in Haiti is the sun. It rises every day normally. “

While it is difficult to hear these sobering words of what is unfolding in Haiti, we take comfort in the fact that we can take action  today to help struggling children and families. Now more than ever, providing essential resources like food and nutrition is desperately needed.  

Please consider joining us as we resume our food giveaway program and help lighten the burden for our friends in Haiti!

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