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We are proud to help the resilient country of Haiti…

Haiti suffered a devastating 5.5 earthquake this month, causing 13,000 people to be displaced. This also led to massive landslides and flooding, of which Port-au-Prince was affected the most. With over 50 lives lost, food insecurity has taken a massive toll on the people of Haiti. 

© AAH/Vicky Onelien A vehicle plows through mud after flood waters receded.

Dare Humanity has jumped into action with our Men Kontre (Helping Hands) program. We provide food supplies to Port-au-Prince twice a month and are always looking for ways to build up this resilient community. If you would like to learn more about this initiative, please follow us here.  

Last month, we shared how sought after a safe education is for the children of Haiti. We were thrilled to receive a testimonial from one of our Young Dreams Sponsorship parents who shared how important Dare Humanity is for her child. 

This month, we would like to highlight another one of our incredible students, Manaelle! In hearing from our Port Au Prince liaison, they allow her to take 2 grades at once as she is the best of her class. There were a few subjects that were challenging for her due to Haiti’s unrest over these last 5 last months, but they are certain she will catch her footing soon! 

(Manaelle’s report card)

We are proud to help the resilient country of Haiti. We are inspired by our students and look forward to supporting them, their parents, and the people of Haiti through our programs. If you would like to stay connected with our progress, please visit our monthly blogs and subscribe to our email updates of our mission and impact. Support us here!  We ask that you keep our administrators, students, and volunteers in your thoughts and prayers as they work tirelessly in Haiti, and aid our mission through your supportive words and donations.

About the Author: 

Dominique Cannon has recently graduated from Oklahoma State University, in Stillwater Oklahoma with a Bachelor's and Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management. She has remained on campus as an administrative-assistant for the last three years and is very excited to join Dare Humanity as an organizational development intern. She hopes to use her writing and administrative skills to support Dare Humanity's mission, and looks forward to growing her skills in marketing and grant research. In her free time, she enjoys reading, singing, and serving as a youth pastor at her church! 

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