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Dare Humanity’s Plans for 2021

We want to start by saying thank you for your continued support in our efforts to provide resources for our communities in Haiti. Without you, this dream would not be possible. As 2020 came to a close, we’ve accomplished goals and now have a fresh outlook for 2021.

Last year, we made some changes within Dare Humanity. Aside from implementing a new policy for our sponsored students, we have also started a partnership and have made the commitment to sponsor students from a new school. Unfortunately, we are no longer working with one of the communities, Deluge. We were not able to agree with the leader of Deluge about our program policies. We will still be sponsoring the students that we selected from their community since that remains our priority. As we increase in the amount of students sponsored, we want to ensure that the communities we serve are honest, communicate effectively, and work alongside the guidelines Dare Humanity has put in place. We are believing the best for the community of Deluge.

Late last year, we received additional students under our Young Dreams Sponsorship Program.Our Young Dreams Sponsorship Program aims to provide an opportunity for children to receive quality education. With your support, our program has provided tuition and resources for our youth in the communities of Haiti. Within this program, we have implemented new policies for the parents and students.

Alongside our goals, Dare Humanity initiated a new food giveaway program in November of 2020, that fed 280 plus people in 2020. Every other Sunday, Men Kontre, also known as Helping Hands, has volunteered to give non perishable food located in the capital of Haiti, Port Au Prince, to families that are in need. Our Clean water initiative is still in effect and we are researching opportunities to bring clean water to the community of Sonyen. Last year we participated in a virtual “Water Run/Walk” event that will be discussed further.

In November of 2021, our founder, Kia HarrisTattegrain was able to visit our communities and implement a structure for our Young Dreams Sponsorship Program. With these new policies, we want to ensure our students are receiving the quality education they deserve.

Our Founder, Kia and her husband and AB Member, Woodelore

Let us take a look at this year's policies and goals for our Young Dreams Sponsorship Program below:

  • We aim to have 50 students total on our list of sponsorship by the end of this year.

  • Our new policy includes: students maintaining a 7.5/10 for the academic year at 80% attendance rate and participation in additional lessons provided by Dare Humanity.

  • Our policy also includes: families will accept designated schools selected by the organization (to be implemented in the next academic year) and agree to direct payment of tuition to the school given by our organization.

  • We will also ensure our students are attending some of the best schools in the area by partnering with other schools. This will then require specific criteria for the selection of the school our sponsored students will attend, including but not limited to, qualified teachers, diverse offerings, and distance from the communities.

With these plans taken into consideration for 2021, we gladly thank you for your support in sponsorship. We look forward to seeing these plans become a positive outcome.

Moving forward, as stated above, our new food program, Men Kontre, Helping Hands has provided families with food every other Sunday. With the kind donations of individuals like you, we were able to feed over 280 people and our goal is to feed up to 1,000 people this year. Dare Humanity cannot thank you enough for your generosity and support to fulfill our mission and vision, which is, to advocate for an enhanced life for women, children and families who live in underserved communities worldwide, to achieve and sustain wellness, self-sufficiency, and entrepreneurship in the communities we currently serve in Haiti. With Helping Hands being a success to the community in Port au Prince, we will start collecting data from families who are receiving the food. We want to have a better understanding of our recipients. We aim to collect data on family size and their income to develop an organized plan that will help us in distribution of the food every other Sunday. Again, we thank you for your donations as we are able to achieve these goals with your support.

In September of 2020 we participated in a virtual event called “The Water Run/Walk”. This event was created to establish our clean water initiative and ensure that Dare Humanity continues to support our communities in Haiti for many years to come. This virtual event helped us raise awareness to the major health concerns, and the amount of time community members have to walk, 25 minutes, every day to get access to clean drinking water. Thank you to those of you that participated in this event. It helped us realize the importance of getting out everyday, walking for at least a mile, and having a goal in mind. Our goal was to remember the families in Haiti that have to make this commitment every day to have healthy hygiene. Our community members in Sonyen are still in need of clean water to cook, bathe, wash clothes and drink.

By Mid-year, our goal is to develop a plan of action on how we will establish our clean water initiative. We look forward to working with our newest Advisory Board Member, Vijay Duraipalam, who will be actively involved in the development of this initiative. Get to know our members in our “About Us” section as well. Access to clean water is a basic human right. With the help of you and our team, we aim to provide clean drinking water in Haiti by installing at least one well. We'd like to take a moment to thank the Dare Humanity Family for providing donations on a monthly basis.

This concludes our plans for now. Please feel free to contact us, stay up to date and read our latest blog posts. Great things are in store for Dare Humanity and we are happy to have you here. There is always an opportunity for you to join us and make an impact on the lives we serve. To find out how to donate to Haiti, you can click here. Take care for now


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