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2020 Vision

Dare Humanity has had one of our best years yet!

It is because of the generosity of so many people like you, we have been able to provide so much for our communities and youth in Haiti.

At the beginning of the year, we provided our outlook for 2019:

- We planned to form strategic partnerships in order to enhance our mission and the missions of the partnering organizations

- We set out to establish an Advisory Board for Dare Humanity to assist with the work of the organization

- We planned for our trip to Haiti in February with Pastor Lafayette White and Rolanda White from Reset Faith Church, one of our partners

- We planned to begin our community volunteer events throughout the San Francisco Bay Area

- We aimed to learn even more about our communities so that we can continue to be of service

So what happened? What were we able to accomplish in 2019?

Here are some of our highlights from 2019:

- In February, we spent one week with our communities in Haiti. We provided school supplies, feminine products, and toiletries to our communities, initiated the Young Dreams Sponsorship Program, and we gained a better understanding of each community through its leaders. Our trip ended in what was the start of political unrest that would spread throughout the country.

- In May, we partnered with Nick, Andrew and Dan as they competed in the Monte Rio Triathlon. We were able to raise money to support all seven of our students with school fees for our Young Dreams Sponsorship Program.

- In June, we established our Advisory Board to help assist with and enhance the work of the organization.

- In September, we paid school fees for our seven students, but unfortunately, schools closed due to the increase of violence throughout the country.

- In October, two teachers, Midielene and Horliguens were hired to keep the students up to date with their studies while schools are closed.

- This month, five of our students are back in school and two students remain out of school, but are still receiving lessons from our teachers.

- The work of our liaisons, Frandler and Sondy, has been monumental for the work of the organization and we cannot thank them enough for all the work that they do.

We have accomplished wonderful things this year and we are looking forward to a year of 2020 vision.

Here are some of the goals we have in mind for the new year:

- We will be expanding the Young Dreams Sponsorship Program to support at least 20 more students!

- We will be continuing our efforts to provide clean drinking water in Haiti by installing at least one well.

- We will be creating new programs to better serve underserved communities.

For the rest of December, you have the opportunity to stand and support communities and youth in Haiti for 2020.

We invite you to join the Humanity Fam.

Humanity Fam is a monthly giving program that not only allows you to support our communities for 2020, but it also offers you the opportunity to be a part of Dare Humanity’s journey of expansion for years to come.

When you are part of the Humanity Fam, you will receive photos and updates from our communities and youth you have impacted, and exclusive stories from the field.

Since this month is the launch of our monthly giving program, you will be considered a founding member of the Humanity Fam, which means your name will be displayed on our website.

Furthermore, as a founding corporate monthly giver, you will have the opportunity to have your logo displayed on our website and join thousands of other businesses that contribute to societal goals through corporate social responsibility (CSR).

We believe that together, we can increase access to education throughout Haiti and create opportunities for self-sufficiency for the communities we serve.

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