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DH x Monte Rio Triathlon

Updated: Jul 9, 2019

Note from the Founder:

Although we are half way through May, we are excited for what the rest of the month has in store!

My colleague Nick and his longtime friends, Andrew and Dan, will be competing in a triathlon on June 9th and have decided to support Dare Humanity.

From May 17th - June 1st, Dare Humanity will be partnering with Nick, Andrew and Dan to support our 7 youth for the Young Dreams Sponsorship Program. Our goal is to raise one years worth of school tuition for the 7 youth, for a total of $800!

Nick, Andrew & Dan

Now lets introduce you to Team NOMA:

Nick -

A triathlon is a multifaceted test of will and determination.  As captain of the relay Team NOMA, I’m looking forward to this race. My goals are to have fun competing with friends and to finish strong.  Swimming hasn’t always been one of my strengths, but now is the time to change that.

With a background in team sports and love for outdoor training, this event has been a great way to stay active.  I’ve also traveled internationally and understand the needs of developing countries.  A commitment to helping each other locally and globally keeps me smiling.

Communities in Haiti continue to be devastated by social and political unrest.  Which is why we are using this platform to raise funds and help bring back some stability to the country, one scholarship at a time!

Andrew -

As a competitive person by nature, I had to accept the challenge of participating in this triathlon. What better way than with two longtime friends?! Besides, where would Moe and Larry be without Curly?

I have competed in a Spartan Race before, but this will be a whole new beast. I will be representing the biking horn of this Triceratops! Born with Hemophilia and Von Willenbrand disease has not restricted my love of sports or ability to compete.  For this race the training wheels are staying at home. I am very fortunate to have such great friends and together have this opportunity to give back for a cause bigger than ourselves. 

-Andrew aka reecemachine aka future triathlete!

Dan -

Mm relay triathlon? What a perfect race to break out the sports gear. As a determined athlete with a competitive mind, there is no way I could have passed up this challenge.

Over the past 12 years I’ve competed at the collegiate level in Cross Country and Track & Field. I’ve also participated in a few 10k’s and Half Marathons. Yes, by default I’ll be crushing the running portion of this relay. I’m excited to take on this challenge with two of my longtime friends. Team NOMA will be ready, I hope this course is too!

We hope you had just as much fun reading their bios as I did!

Now that you've met the team, will you support the youth in Haiti?

We will be having a friendly competition to raise money using Mightycause.

Stay tuned. On Friday, May 17th, we will be launching the fundraiser and you can create your team!

Which team will win? Will it be yours?

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