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Aiming High in 2019

Souchato, Haiti

A note from our Founder:

We are so grateful to be able to serve our communities in Haiti and California for another year!

Before we look forward at 2019, I think it is essential we reflect on the highlights of what we have been able to accomplish as an organization in 2018.

Here is our 2018 in review:

July 2018 : Launch of our new logo & website

August 2018 : Launch of our blog

September 2018 : We met with our 3 communities in Haiti for the first time

November 2018 : Hosted our first Building Empires event and participated in our first #GivingTuesday campaign to raise funds to support the education of children & youth in Haiti

Throughout the year we have also been able to secure partnerships with 2 organizations and a business that have an interest in our mission.


Being a Founder of start-up nonprofit organization can be a challenge, but 2018 has allowed us to gain our footing in the nonprofit sector, and we can finally say, "we are here."

I remain dedicated to serving our communities in Haiti and I look forward to the abundance that will come from this year.


Here is our outlook for 2019:

- We hope to form additional strategic partnerships that will allow us to fulfill our mission and assist organizations and businesses with accomplishing their missions.

- We will be forming an advisory board that will consist of nonprofit professionals, community representatives and leaders who are interested in joining us as we further the work of our organization.

- In February, we will be taking our second trip to Haiti to learn more about our communities.

- We have a few events in mind in California which will highlight entrepreneurship and the nonprofit sector.

- Finally, we are hoping to continue learning as an organization so we can better serve our communities and secure funds to support them.


Please take a few moments to explore our website and learn more about Dare Humanity and our communities.

If you are interested in forming a partnership with our organization, or making a contribution in any way, feel free to reach out to us.

Thank you for supporting Dare Humanity, and our communities thank you for your generosity.

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