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"Dare Humanity, I think you did a good thing for me..."

The smallest changes can have a big impact on one’s life. Seemingly miniscule gestures like holding the door for someone or offering a kind smile can brighten one's day in a bigger way than you might think. Dare Humanity is taking apparently small steps that are actually having an immense impact on families in Haiti. The Young Dreams Sponsorship Program (YDSP) is funding the education of 27 bright, young students. Through the small gesture of covering a child’s tuition, YDSP is taking a considerable financial burden off of the children’s families and ensuring that young Haitians are given an education.

Rosemonde L. is a parent of one of our sponsored students, Rose J., and is grateful that her daughter is able to attend school through the YDSP. Rosemonde was not able to finish school herself, but dreams of attending sewing school or owning her own business. Nonetheless, she hopes that Rose will be able to finish school and go to college.

Before Rose joined the YDSP, her family was burdened by her tuition. Now her mother says that it’s not a worry anymore. Rosemonde says that Dare Humanity has done a good thing for her family because her child can now attend school everyday. Rosemonde told Dare Humanity that she would like to live comfortably and have a job so that her children can have a better life. We hope to continue helping Rosemonde’s family so that one day they can feel accomplished in what they are doing and have a better life.

Through the Young Dreams Sponsorship Program, Men Kontre, and Clean Water Initiative, we are working to improve the lives of the people we serve in Haiti. We work with communities in Haiti to relieve them of financial burdens, or make up for what they lack, so that they don’t have to make sacrifices in order to send their children to school or put food on the table. We are glad to see that we are making a difference in Haiti and promise to continue the effort to spread our impact, starting with the seemingly small gestures.

About the Author

Simone Faulkner is our Communications and Partnerships Intern at Dare Humanity. Growing up in the Bay Area, with its reputation for social change, she realized that her purpose in life is to help people through service and kindness. This is what she plans to do as an intern for Dare Humanity by writing blog posts and exploring partnerships with companies. When she's not volunteering she loves to play soccer, write, bake, and explore the outdoors.

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