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Our Mid-Year Momentum

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Note from the Founder:

The leader of Sonyen, Lukerlange, with the "Richess Haiti" Kids

We are already half way through 2019! I can’t believe it. Can you?

As an organization, we are thrilled to be able to embark on the second half of the year.

I still stand on the promise I made in January of this year. I want to create a culture of transparency, so that we as an organization, are open and honest about the work of the organization and our progress.

With that in mind, I have looked back at our outlook for 2019, to provide you with the following updates:

- An Advisory Board was formed in the beginning of this month, with three founding members. *Take a look at our “Who We Are” page to learn more. *

- We took our second trip to Haiti in February with hopes to return next month for an additional trip, but unfortunately we will not be able to because of political unrest.

- We have begun our community volunteer events with the first event at the beginning of this month. We look forward to hosting additional events where we can be of service to communities in the Bay Area.

- We have started the Founder’s Circle, which will create a space for young entrepreneurs from all sectors to connect, share and learn at a meetup group on a bi-monthly basis.

- We have been able to raise $969 from November of last year up until now, which means we will be able to sponsor all 7 of our youth for one year of school! - Thank you to all of our generous donors! We couldn’t have done it without you.

- Finally, we have been able to learn more about our communities and how to better assist them.

These updates I have provided make me even more grateful for the work we are doing in Haiti and especially humbled to look back at our founding in 2015, and see how much we have progressed.

I also want to share something that I believe everyone from the Dare Humanity Community (that’s you) should know. You can be confident that all of your donations go directly to the youth and communities in Haiti. Since we are a start-up nonprofit, I choose to finance all of the overhead costs for the organization personally, so that our communities receive what they need and we can accomplish more.

With partners like you, our impact is greater and for that I (we) are grateful.

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