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You Are Appreciated!

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

August was Dare Humanity’s first ever Appreciation Month and we're bringing it over into September!

The goal of this new tradition is to thank all of you who have supported us these past six years. This includes board and advisory board members, interns, partners, donors, and volunteers. We at Dare Humanity would like to deeply thank you for the continued support you’ve given us and your belief in our mission. We truly wouldn’t be here without the encouragement of our partners.

Let’s recap a couple of highlights of what we’ve achieved with your help:

The Men Kontre or Helping Hands program has been prospering recently. This program brings food supplies to families in Port au Prince. Food insecurity has worsened in the recent past due to societal turmoil, but with the help of Men Kontre, there is food on the table for many families. Men Kontre served and fed 223 people over the course of this year, a number that will hopefully keep growing.

Another huge accomplishment is the advancement and success of the Young Dreams Sponsorship Program. It’s incredibly hard for young people to get an education in Haiti because most people have little to no income. Many schools, however, charge high tuition fees. The Young Dreams Sponsorship Program tries to solve this problem by sponsoring the education of many Haitian children. Dare Humanity provides them with school supplies and yearly tuition to support their education.

Lastly, one effort that will hopefully be achieved soon is the Clean Water Initiative. We are in the process of raising funds to bring clean water to the community of Sonyen. We are committed to building two clean water pumps in Sonyen by 2022, a goal we wouldn’t be able to accomplish without your help.

Thank you for all that you have done for Dare Humanity this year and in the past. Your behind-the-scenes efforts working, donating, and volunteering is what pushes this organization closer to accomplishing its goals, and that cannot go without appreciation. Dare Humanity is incredibly grateful for all of the engagement from our partners and hope that you appreciate seeing the applications of your hard work. With your help we will continue striving for prosperity and expansion of our programs.

Stay connected to follow us on our mission and be sure to donate! Part of your contribution will go towards earthquake relief efforts in Haiti.


About the Author

Simone Faulkner is our Blog and Partnerships Intern at Dare Humanity. Growing up in the Bay Area, with its reputation for social change, she realized that her purpose in life is to help people through service and kindness. This is what she plans to do as an intern for Dare Humanity by writing blog posts and exploring partnerships with companies. When she's not volunteering she loves to play soccer, write, bake, and explore the outdoors.

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